Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Real Thing

Halloween, finally, and this is the scene:

My daughter can cry. This right here is about 8 out of 10. See the wide open mouth, real tears smeared around the eyes and cheeks, and you can't hear it, but there was some real sobbing. Quite loud and obnoxious, but still not at maximum volume or intensity. I wasn't present for this melt down, but I'm sure the sobbing sounded something like this: "Aaaaaa! Boppa don't touch my candy! Don't TOUCH MY CAAANDY! Aaaaaaa!!!!"
Soon thereafter, appeased...

Dad and the kids get their Halloween groove on. I need to watch Nacho Libre again--that was a dang good movie. It would probably be even better with a turtle and a mini-doc.
Speaking of my hot wrestling husband, when you ask him to strike a pose, he strikes a pose and he'll do it wherever it works. In this case, just after buckling the kids into the car...
This one is for Jake. He can't have his pic posted without his kids with him, so here's Bob Ross with a monkey.

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