Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Three More Days to Go

This morning I was cuddling with my cute hubby and thinking how cute he is. Of course, I was mostly asleep and I never really woke up before he left for work. (OK, so I'm not the kind of wife who gets up early to make breakfast before Jake leaves in the morning...) Being mostly asleep, I also wasn't thinking of the mustache he's been sporting for four days now. If I had, I definitely would not have been thinking such sweet thoughts, let alone cuddling!

Can you tell? Facial hair = Katie repellant.

Here's last year's atrocity: Bob Ross (you know, the painter on PBS?)

And the year before: Richard Simmons (with a baby bumblebee)

No facial hair in this one, but this is what he looked like the night before:

Feel my pain!

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