Sunday, October 26, 2008

True Love

In marriage, we all have to make sacrifices in order to succeed. We might sacrifice material items, careers, or social events for the good of the marriage.

Every October, I make a sacrifice for the good of my marriage. This is the time of year my husband grows facial hair and I don't interject my own personal preference. So sacrifice #1 is I put up with nasty full beard. A couple of years ago, I approved the purchase of a high quality curly brown wig. This was actually a mutual promise: purchase is allowed if we get our money's worth out of it. Finally, when it all comes down to it, I allow my husband to be seen in public places with the horrible, horrible combination--facial hair and wig. So sacrifice #2 is personal dignity.

This year's combination: NACHO LIBRE


parrish fam said...

I think I might pee my pants I am laughing so hard!

Kim said...

haha, I LOVE your blog I didn't know you had one! Good thing I am a blog stalker and found it!!!

Tony & Heather said...

Blog more! (Even Tony's a big follower of the Ross family blog). The halloween costumes are great! Jake's very ... inventive:) and you are the best wife!