Thursday, October 2, 2008

Get in Shape Girl

Today as I was driving, I saw something that really put me in my place. An elderly woman wearing stretch pants with shorts and a tucked-in T-shirt was walking on the runner's path. Obviously getting some exercise. She also was wearing a leg brace on a leg that clearly did not bend, was holding a deformed arm close to her chest, and walked with a cane. She walked very slowly, but seemed determined.

I thought about my aches and pains--mostly brought on by pregnancy and childbirth. Chronic back and hip pain and 20-plus extra lbs., to name a few. How pathetic am I? So I'm feeling determined to really get out there and get in shape regardless of my petty ailments.

Oh, and I'm dragging my kids with me.

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parrish fam said...

I totally got the "get in shape girl" reference. I had a set or two in my day. Judd is so cute! I am proud of you for moving.