Thursday, November 6, 2008

Open Call for Captions OR Tribute to American Democracy

This is an invitation for a title for this here FINE piece of American portraiture. Personally, I like "Saddam With Baby." Note the irony of the George W. Bush T-shirt.

Yes, the shirt says "three peat" on it underneath George. The best part is on the back: an American flag with the words "George Bush for America." For all you left and right wingnuts out there.

Just so you know, this brilliant T-shirt was the brainchild of a local high school student.


Tony & Heather said...

It takes a real man to wear a shirt like that (or at least one who enjoys the reaction, right?) I keep using these mustache pictures are support for my argument that I can dress Tony up for Halloween next year (i.e. Jake gets in the spirit, why can't you?). What a fun Halloween in the Ross household!

parrish fam said...

I think Sadaam with baby is perfect. I don't think anyone will come up with something better. Is the mustache gone?