Sunday, November 23, 2008

Husband Tag Revisited

Since the blog was always meant to be a collaborative effort, I think Katie felt compelled to spread some half-truths about me with the intent of provoking a response. Truthfully, I haven't been a faithful contributor to our blog other than giving Katie the ideas for all of her best posts. Since my wife claims my best quality is that I'm honest (I always thought it was my humility), allow me to set the record straight.
Husband Tag
1. Where did you meet your husband? At my apartment at BYU. He was friends with my roommate and had just broken off an engagement. Imagine how pleasant he was on that day... Despite her insinuations, I distinctly recall it being a joyful occasion all around. Good times, really! Whoever said that debating constitutional law while enjoying gluten-free snacks wasn't the perfect tonic for a broken-heart doesn't know what they are missing.
2. How long did you date before you were married? 7 months, on and off. First three months mostly off, last 3 months, engaged. I still can't believe we got married. Don't let her fool you, Katie was basically begging me to marry her after our epic first date with the Greens and the Clawsons at Mimi's Cafe, followed by a game of Wise or Otherwise at the Greens (memorable only for Drew's attempts to include phallic references in all of his answers).
3. How long have you been married? 4 1/2 years Has it really been that long?
4. What does he do that surprises you? I am utterly amazed that Jake will wake up in the middle of the night to clean up Ellie's barf with me. He also holds her hair out of her face as she's throwing up. I'm surprised she didn't mention spontaneous foot rubs and long romantic trips to Costco, not to mention multiple early morning jaunts to Joanne's after-Thanksgiving day sale.
5. What is his best feature? His butt. Not saying he doesn't have a face that's really fun to look at, but his butt sure is nice... Also, he smells nice. Does anyone else find it ironic that she mentions my butt and that I smell nice in the same sentence?
6. What is his best quality? He's honest. Again, I always thought that it was my humility.
7. Does he have a nickname for you? Yes. A few. I will not repeat them here. Best keep them to myself before I really get in trouble with Tiger Stripes.
8. What is his favorite food? Burgers? Sushi? Green chile? Foie gras? He eats it all! Anything Katie cooks. She is an awesome cook, which explains the extra 20 lbs I'm carrying around.
9. What is his favorite sport? SOCCER Particularly English Premier League soccer.
10. When and where was your first kiss? Our second date. Harryo's in Park City, October 2003. Yes, kids, we had our first kiss in a dark corner of a bar in Utah. Jake had "broken up" with me for the first time about a week previous. (There were many break-ups.) Then he changed his mind and we went to see Galactic at Harryo's. He was really antsy on that date. When I asked, "dude, what's your deal?" he told me he wanted to kiss me. <--honesty Romance is his middle name. The female perspective on things really is astounding to me.
11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? Uh, Jake and I have very little in common. I can think of only two interests we share: food and travel. We've combined the two in this photo: delicious pork dinner in Tokyo. Little did I know when she would watch Avalanche games with me before we got married, she was only feigning interest. Now, I'm lucky to catch the last five minutes of a Broncos game. Good thing Judd has already demonstrated a love for watching football and soccer with his dad.
12. Do you have any children? 2 beautiful babies. Ellie, 2 1/2 and Judd, 5 months We couldn't have asked for two better kids. They're hysterical and keep us on our toes.
13. Does he have any hidden talents? Two words: karaoke Freestyle dance and the occasional dance-off.
14. How old is he? 32 and older than I. I love how Katie continues to try and pass herself off as being 28 when she's actually 34.
15. Who said I love you first? HE DID. In his parents' basement, New Year's Eve 2003. We went to see Big Head Todd that night. Actually, it was New Year's Day by that time. Again, soooo romantic. The concert was awesome, and to be fair she had been saying she loved me with her eyes ever since our first date.
16. What is his favorite music? Anything his dad likes. Jake idolizes his dad. J.J. Cale, Taj Mahal, Widespread Panic, the Grateful Dead, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton and Big Head Todd and the Monsters are just a few of my favorites. I have seen them all live except for J.J. Cale.
17. What do you admire most about him? His ability to be honest and do the right thing. No comment.
18. What is his favorite color? green Forest Green
19. Will he read this? yes. I love you Jake! Love you to!
20. Who do you tag? Heather and Wendy!

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parrish fam said...

You guys are so funny! I did this last year. Not nearly as good as the two of you, but I did it. So don't go thinking I am ignoring your tag. I just did it knowing that you would tag me eventually. Love ya!