Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I don't love pizza. I avoid ordering it as much as possible. So, when Jake took us to lunch at Marco's Coal Fired Pizza a few weeks ago, I wasn't thrilled. This joint is downtown on Larimer, between 21st and 22nd. Boy was I in for an awesome treat.

I ordered their lunch special, which was a salad, beverage, and pizza. It cost about $9. Jake ordered the chicken wings appetizer and the Brooklyn pizza.

My lunch special could have easily fed 2 people. The salad had tomatoes and fresh mozarella--very nice. My pizza (remember I don't like pizza) was wonderful. It was a Margherita--tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozarella. The crust was perfect and the toppings were very fresh. I had one of the coal-fired chicken wings--lemon and herb flavored. Delicious. Unfortunately, the Brooklyn pizza had mushrooms on it.

The food was delicious. The portions were generous--each pizza could easily feed 2 people. Jake's could have fed 3. The cost was quite reasonable--the range for pizzas was $9 to $17.

Another highlight was that the owner gave the kids a ball of pizza dough to play with while our food was cooking. They loved that.

If you find that you like pizza, and you also find that you are downtown, and you also find that you are hungry, definitely eat here. Check out their website: www.marcoscoalfiredpizza.com

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