Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Ellie and Maki enjoying quality cable programming.

Ellie and her buddy Gunnar in Mickey ears. This one, I didn't really understand, but as Gunnar explained it, they are Princess Minnie and Superman Mickey. ("Pwintheth Minnie and Thupewman Mickey.")

This is why these two can't be left unsupervised for any amount of time.


Tony and Heather said...

Judd is totally Jake! And Ellie is a beautiful little princess. Hope the Disneyland trip was memorable :). I'm still bracing for the day my kids drag me there....eek. Long time, no talk. I hope all is well.

wylie said...

Katie- I seriously LOVE your blog. I sit here and laugh out loud. That pic of Ellie and Gunnar is so adorable!