Tuesday, June 23, 2009


If you know how our spring season has gone down this year, you know that a pick-me-up was in order. Good thing we had planned to go to Disneyland! We spent 6 days in Anaheim, 4 of those at Disneyland resort, the other two spent traveling and visiting Little Tokyo.

4 days at Disneyland is a lot of time spent there.

Climbing around at ToonTown.

Ellie had been looking for Minnie for a long time.

Judd likes hats.

Ellie loves Mickey.
Other highlights:
1. Ellie won a screaming contest at the Monsters, Inc. ride.
2. We ate at an upscale restaurant one night and Judd screamed the whole time we were there. He wasn't mad, I just wasn't feeding him fast enough.
3. Jake and I don't do Teacups--motion sickness issues. Jake was the unlucky one who had to ride them with Ellie. I noticed that his and Ellie's teacup was the only one that wasn't spinning.
4. The ladybug ride at California Adventure is the same as the Teacup ride.
5. Shooting is fun. (Just ask Ellie.)

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