Monday, August 3, 2009

My Guy

Time flies. My baby is a year old. My little guy is now nearly three times his birth weight. (Can you believe I gave birth to an 8 lb. 2 oz. baby? If you know how big Jake and I are, you know this is kind of remarkable. Ellie was 7 lb. 8 oz. I am slightly fearful of how large any future children may be.)

I know that as his mother, I'm obviously biased, but I'm still going to say that as a newborn, Judd was a beautiful baby. As a toddler, Judd is still a beautiful baby. Even with his crazy hair.

Judd's first birthday was in June, and I realize that it is now August. I would like to say that this is what happens with your second child, but the truth is, I was never on the ball with my firstborn, either. Another truth is, I think I'm just not the kind of mom who bakes cupcakes and hand-decorates them for birthday parties. But, I am the kind of mom who will buy the most awesomest delicious bundt cake for her kid and his party guests. (Nothing Bundt Cakes on County Line and Quebec, by Chuck-e-Cheese. They have samples.)

Unfortunately, Judd does not like cake or cake-like foods. This includes bread. Every week at church, he spits out the sacrament in total disgust. As you can see, my son was less than thrilled at his birthday fare.

But he made the best of it, as always, and made a total mess of himself.

Judd and Ellie enjoyed opening presents. These are still their favorite. If you are wondering what on earth Ellie is wearing and why, I can't help you because I am too.

Judd's 1-year-old skill:

1. Jumping, though he has mastered crawling and walking along furniture, jumping is a skill for which he has shown remarkable talent.

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parrish fam said...

Happy Birthday Judd! I will add he is so cute. I only wish my kids could have crazy hair. I would settle for hair.