Friday, January 8, 2010

Engineer or Architect?

As I was looking for photos for a different posting, I came across some gems that I always meant to post but never did. Let me tell you a story.

One day in October, as I was sitting on my couch and trying not to move (bad day--not feeling too hot), Ellie approached me, asking if she could have some of that candy I had stashed on the top of her dresser. I had put it there to keep her from eating it, mind you. Now, you have to know my daughter. She has the gift of timing. I really really didn't want to move and I really didn't want to be pestered about that stupid candy in her room. So I told her to figure it out all by herself. After a moment or so, Miss Ellie disappeared and I was relieved.

A few minutes later, I heard some loud banging coming from upstairs. My thought process: I don't hear crying; Judd is with me; there is still movement up there; therefore, no one is hurt and I'm still not moving. About a half hour later, Ellie emerged and announced that she had gotten the candy she desired, all by herself. I congratulated her (admittedly half-heartedly) and didn't think anything of it. I did mention the loud noises to Jake when he got home from work, though.

Later, when Jake headed upstairs to bathe the kids, he yelled for me to come upstairs ASAP, with a camera. Here is what we discovered:

As you can see, in the background, there isn't a bin left in her little shelving unit, and there is also evidence of previous attempts. What do you say to this?
Oh, and by the way, in case you're wondering about the now deleted list of good eats in Denver, I moved it to my other website: It's a food blog. Check it out.

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