Friday, January 8, 2010


This year, Thanksgiving was at our house, with my side of the family. My sister and her kids and my mom and my brother drove from Cache Valley for the weekend. It was kinda fun. I made the turkey and accompaniments and my sister made the dessert. Wondering what my mom did? Well, I'll tell you about Thanksgiving with my mom. She doesn't really care so much to get involved, except for the eating part. I don't think I've ever seen her prepare a turkey. She says it's because she's Japanese and Thanksgiving with turkey is an American thing. Sheesh! That's fine with me, though. I'm a little bit territorial with my kitchen. Just ask Jake.

There was a little bit of drama for a moment there when Ellie and Erika wanted the same pink lunch tray. My mistake--I was under the impression that purple was still Erika's fave as a far as colors go, but Jessica informed me (too late) that currently, it's pink. Oops. Ellie ended up with the pink tray and Erika had a very disappointing Thanksgiving lunch on a purple tray. The boys, as you can see, are completely indifferent.

This is the crew. There are better shots of this, but I chose the one that showcased: (a) my brother's true nature; (b) my son's gut; and (c) Ellie's attitude about Grandma and cousins leaving that morning. She was not happy.

Oh, Christmas! Here is the scene at our house, Christmas morning. Happy, happy 3-year-old. Judd didn't quite get it. Ellie was pretty sure that most of the gifts were for her.

Judd, on the other hand, discovered that there was candy in his stocking and that was all he cared about. Here he is, quite peeved that we took the candy away. In our defense, we thought he might concentrate on opening presents a bit better if the candy was gone. Have I ever mentioned how persistent my children are? Yeah. Judd cried all morning. (He also cries like this whenever I wash his favorite blankets. He stands by the washing machine and sobs.)

Ellie with her new baby, at Jake's parents' house. She and her grandfather decided to name it Baby Huey. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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