Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Be Mine

I'm testing out our new camera. It's nothing special--just the digital version of the old point-n-shoot. The truth is, Jake and I are both not into technology, so the fewer bells and whistles, the better. So far, it looks like this camera works. My bro is a great test subject, no?

We bought the camera because our old one, a very nice Sony with the Carl Zeiss lens, finally went kaput. Well, to be honest, it's been busted for years, basically since we bought it. Now, you wonder, why on earth would we hold on to a camera that's been broken since we bought it? Because Jake broke it. We bought the camera five years ago to take on a trip to Japan. Soon after we returned, Jake broke it.

I should be completely frank, though. Jake broke it because yours truly is a total clutter-bug. Really, it's at least as much my fault as his. Jake is a much better housekeeper than I am, which is unfortunate because I'm the one whose career includes the words "stay at home" in its title. Anyway, I had the camera cord (I believe it's called a USB connector or something technological like that) attached to the computer at one end, strung across a small area, and then connected to the camera at the other end, which was resting on a desk. Basically, the cord was a clothesline, into which Jake walked. The camera came crashing down onto the hardwood floor, and it never worked right after that.

Jake would have never left a cord of any kind hanging out. Jake always puts his things away. I, on the other hand, would never have walked into the cord because I am well aware of my cluttery ways and I am very careful where and how I tread. Jake is always trying to put stuff away and I'm always getting after him to cut it out because he's ruining my system.

Jake is also a better parent than I am. Also unfortunate because, well, I am the stay-at-home parent. Need proof? Jake cleans up the barf. I don't know that I need to say more, but I will. Jake deals with Ellie's outbursts head on while I prefer to emulate our ostrich friends--hide and maybe the problem will go away. Jake actually enjoys playing with the kids, while I, on the other hand, will post a Facebook status complaining of how my daughter will not stop talking to me.

Speaking of the kids, here they are enjoying their respective Valentine treats on Sunday morning. We found hollow chocolates with gummy treats on the inside. Judd's was an apple with a gummy worm and Ellie's was a frog with a spider.

Judd attacking his apple.

Ellie displaying her more sophisticated method of getting at the gummy treat.
Valentine's Day is actually a meaningful date in the Ross family history. It happens to be the day when, six years ago, Jake proposed to me. I won't get into the details here and now--maybe in another posting. So, it's a date that holds some sentiment for us. (For an entertaining commentary on V-day, particularly for men, let me direct you to a friend's blog:
This leads me to another, and my final point. Jake is also a better spouse than I am. Saturday, we celebrated our special day by going out to dinner. Jake surprised me, not so much by where we went to dinner, but by the fact that he was able to keep the location a secret. (Keeping secrets is also an element of our special day--again, I won't get into it here.) We had dinner at Panzano's, which is one of my favorite places. They absolutely have the BEST caesar salad ever. I highly recommend it. Dinner was delicious, of course.
So, Jake takes me to dinner, which is sweet and super awesome. I figured that was our mutual Valentine's gift and didn't think twice about it--until the next day, Valentine's Day. Jake and Ellie handed me a card and a gift, and of course, it's the sweetest card ever, and the gift is a Corinne Bailey Rae CD. And I had nothing for him.
Ladies, how often do we get one-upped in this department? Well, in this family, it happens more often than I think is normal.
So, finally, you would think that at least, maybe, Katie is a better lawyer than Jake. Then that would seem to make things a little more even. But, alas, the best I can say for myself is that despite technically being a lawyer, I have never actually practiced law, and thus we can't judge who is better at practicing law. But, let's be honest--based on college and law school performance, I think Jake still runs circles around me.
I hope that Jake's knowing that I know what a great husband, father, housekeeper, and provider he is makes up, in part, for my shortcomings.
Happy Valentine's Day (late)


Jake said...

As most of you probably know, Katie is 26 weeks pregnant, so as you can imagine she's hormonal to say the least. As such, take this latest blog entry with a grain of salt because when she's hormonal she tends to discount her wonderful traits and abilities. As anyone who knows both of us can attest, I married way above myself, both literally and figuratively. Nonetheless, I will keep a copy of this entry close by the next time she wants me to get up off the couch and stop watching sports . . . oh yeah, I almost forgot, Katie unilaterally cut our cable about 6 months ago . . . but that's another story. I love my wife, she's the best!

Tony and Heather said...

Katie -- First of all - congratulations!!! what's with the secrets? or did I miss a post or something? Second, my husband always outshines me in the gift department. I had no idea we'd be celebrating the anniversary of our first date, the anniversary of our engagement, and the actual wedding anniversary. More opportunities for me to totally suck it up. Third, my bait and switch for Tony was that my type-A self has utter tolerance for a chaotic closet and I alleviate potential stress over the disastrous kitchen floor not by cleaning it, but by not looking down. Anyway, kudos to Jake for being so thoughtful, and I agree with him that you have many wonderful traits!

Katie said...

Thanks, Heather. Nope, not a secret, and I don't think I've announced it in an earlier post. I've been a bit lazy about telling people, I suppose. The truth is, I think the only people who know are the ones who have seen me expand in the last few months. :-P