Saturday, December 20, 2008


"Honey, I....uh...we just bought a house and I need you to sign the closing documents. I just sent you the PDF..."


"Uh...Merry Christmas?"

You might be wondering how Jake managed to purchase a house without my input or participation. We were living in different states at the time--I was still at BYU and Jake had a job in Albuquerque. I finished my exams, flew back to Albuquerque, and saw our first house for the very first time after Jake bought it. I believe we moved into the house a few days thereafter.

My first impression of the house was: "We paid how much for this house?" Actually, it was more like, "This is the house we bought?" The house was over fifty years old and definitely a fixer-upper. I was adamant that Jake had agreed to pay too much for it. He kept assuring me we were paying for the neighborhood--that the value of these particular houses was rising at an amazing rate. I was not convinced . . . that is, until we sold it. HUGE return. We didn't even have to put the house on the market. It kind of sold itself.

Jake has proved that he can make real estate decisions for our family, thus he is allowed to. (As opposed to, say, decisions regarding lawnmowers and other machinery--but this is a blog for another date.)

Merry Christmas!

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Kim said...

You guys crack me up! I need to hear this whole story!!!