Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I took Ellie to The Nutcracker today. I blogged about her first ballet experience a couple of months ago. Today was not unlike that experience. Here are the highlights:

1. Matinee performance starts at 1:00 pm, the same time as her nap.
2. Ellie had already filled up on candy by the time the performance began. Two words: behavioral problems
3. The Colorado Ballet's performance was excellent.
4. Ellie decided that all the little girls in the first act were princesses and let everyone know that's what they were. ("Mommy, anothew pwintheth!")
5. Ellie disapproved of the mice and didn't conceal that disapproval.
6. Ellie liked the Chinese dragon. "It's a dwagon, Mommy! It's the Shwek dwagon!"
7. When the performance was just not doing it for her, Ellie pretended to eat candy, offering pretend candy to her Aunt Hannah and me.
8. Spending time with my baby girl and showing her something she's never seen before.
9. Starting a new tradition. (Well, maybe not so new. I dragged Jake to see The Nutcracker in previous years. I just changed dates, I guess. Jake confided, though, that he was disappointed to miss this year's performance. For real.)

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