Sunday, January 20, 2013

Catch Up and (Another) Big Announcement

 We are a busy bunch. In the time since my last post quite a bit has happened, like:

 We went to California for fall break. We visited Jake's sister and her family in the Bay Area where the kids got to go trick-or-treating. I wish I had a photo of her gorgeous home. I love it. We then flew to Orange County and went to Disneyland. Unfortunately, the Photographer didn't bring the camera charger, and so, of course, the battery in the camera died. She is totally fired.

 Snow. Quite a bit of it. But we live in Weird Weather Zone, so it usually melts within a few days. And then it snows again.

Ellie performed in her dance school's production of the Nutcracker. She was the Cherub. She was the smallest dancer in the entire production.

 Somewhere in there, we experienced Nature. By now you know that Nature is something I typically avoid, but I thought it might do us some good, so I broke my own rule. My dear friend Yuriko was visiting, also, so that helped convince me to get into Nature.

My favorite people in Nature. (Garden of the Gods, Colorado)

Amid all this, there was Christmas and Thanksgiving, a birthday, and some other stuff, but I guess the real kicker is that Jake got a new job and we are moving to Louisiana.

But not yet. Even though Jake starts with his new company tomorrow, we will not make the move until the kids are out of school for the summer. We will be busy over the next several months!

If you want to see where we are going, watch Duck Dynasty. That is where it is. Jake and I flew out for a visit to check things out right before Christmas. We are in for some lifestyle changes. Jake fell in love with the place.

I look forward to learning a new language.

In the meantime, if you or anyone you know is looking for a 4 bedroom home in the Denver area, call me!

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