Thursday, July 19, 2012

An Announcement and Update

First, a big announcement:

I have a new blog. I know, you were expecting a baby announcement. I realize that we are "due" for another baby Ross. Ha ha. Nope. I have graced the blogosphere with a new blog. The beauty of this one, though, is that is centers around my husband. Here is the link. Enjoy. The Adventures of Jake.

Next, I will torture you with things my kids have done or said.

1. Judd had an accident last week at his grandparents' house. Later that day, Jake wanted to talk about the incident.
Jake:  Why did you poop in your pants today?
Judd:  Dad, somebody put poop in my pants today at Boppy's house.
Jake:  ...

He turned 4 last month. Here he is in his new Polo Ralph Lauren outfit, courtesy Aunt Sumie in Japan. Classic.

Please don't mind that chaos on my patio there. I wish I could say a storm did that, but we all know that's just the natural state of my home.

2. My 2-year-old is very good at telling you she is 6 years old. She holds out the correct number of fingers and everything. She's very convincing, except for the fact that she usually looks like this.

She's just a baby! Incidentally, my 4-year-old son uses two hands to tell you how old he is.

3. Teeth are falling out all over the place.

Happy summer!

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