Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Maid of Honor

At her Aunt Paden's wedding, Ellie tried to upstage the bride. Those of you who were present know exactly what I am talking about. So it was no surprise that at her Aunt Caitlyn's wedding, Ellie threatened to take the stage, this time by parading around at will with a bouquet in one hand and a Jack-Jack Pez in the other. (Thank you, Zack!)

To our surprise, both of our rambunctious children were very well behaved. What a relief! That is, well behaved if you don't count loud flatulence coming from J.J., which, fortunately, was covered up by the sounds of open nature. Good thing it was an outdoor wedding. Jake was thoroughly amused, if not utterly proud. (If Jake was a superhero, he would be Frat Boy...) I mean, farting during a wedding and getting away with it? That could only be topped if it had happened at a funeral. (No worries, Caity, the only person who heard or knew about it at the time was Jake, and believe it or not, he didn't share this info until after the wedding.)

Ellie was very impressed with the wedding cakes. Actually, the cakes were

delicious. I had never had a red velvet cake before, so that was a treat. I tried to eat more, but my gracious husband informed me that I didn't need more cake. (Big dinner later...)

Best wishes to Caity and Keith! Thanks for inviting us on your special day and hope you enjoy all that marriage has to offer!

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