Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Too Annoyed to Post Pictures

I get annoyed a lot these days, and pretty easily, too. Just ask Jake. It could be the lack of sleep caused by--yet another--non-sleeping baby. It could be the lack of exercise caused by the lack of sleep caused by the non-sleeping baby. It could also be the constant dieting going on because of the weight gain caused by the non-sleeping baby. It could be the frustration from how difficult it is to lose the weight because of lack of sleep and exercise, all caused by the non-sleeping baby.

Anyway, I get annoyed, and I got annoyed this morning when I skimmed through Facebook to find that a few of my Friends had posted or re-posted a certain pregnancy-announcement video. Seriously! What? When did that become a thing? Does anyone care about this stuff outside of the people who make them?

I don't know what kicked in at that point. Hormones? More sleep deprivation? I suddenly had a moment of clarity. This baby-to-be is being celebrated. All kids ought to be celebrated. Unfortunately, that is not the world we live in. So what kind of idiot am I to hate on the celebration of another beautiful child?

So I clicked on the video link and watched it. It was cute. I may have shed a tear remembering what it was like to be a first time parent-to-be.

To all you rookie parents-to-be out there, announce away! I'm happy for you.

Now back to being annoyed.

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