Friday, April 22, 2011

As Promised...

Here it is, weeks after my last post here, and finally posting details of our Utah trip. It was just yesterday that I figured out the finer points of blogging on my iPad, particularly, posting photos. (My kids can operate this thing better than I can.) Here are some fun details:

My brother got a burger. We don't eat a lot of burgers with fries and soft drink around home, so he was happy as a tween girl at a Bieber concert.

Burger courtesy of LaBeau's, Logan, Utah. Check my food blog for details.


Maki letting loose.

The weather was crazy while we were there. Sun, rain, snow. We put flowers on my mom's grave. It was super snowy and then it got sunny. Kind of like the day of her funeral. The kids wouldn't stay in the car, despite the half-foot of snow.

Don't forget the obligatory McDonald's on the road.

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