Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All About Judd

Today's posting is all about this guy.

He just turned 2. He had the same birthday cake on his last birthday, but it was a mini bundt cake. He got a full size bundt cake this time. This time, he didn't hate the cake--he seems to have come out of his anti-bread-and-cake phase.

I don't know if it's the new baby of if it's the terrible twos, but we've had issues with this child lately. Here is a sampling:

I guess it's no surprise that he would mess with his little sister. He is, after all, his father's son. Here is Judd's particular brand.

So, he doesn't always do obnoxious things to her, but he can't seem to ever leave her alone. Not even for a short nap.

He always seems to be in her face, but it's usually something sweet.

He likes to be involved in whatever I'm doing. I'm usually doing housework, so little Buddy also wants to do housework. Here's a shot of some freelance pants-free clean-up.

If you're noticing the big-boy underpants, don't be too impressed. He's wearing those over a diaper. Yeah, another way my little guy is unique.

Tantrums. Now I have two kids who throw tantrums. They are both really good at the tantrums. LOUD. The difference with Judd, though, is that, on occasion, the tantrum will resolve itself and I will find him in the most random place.

The other end-of-tantrum nap shot that I have is not publishable, unfortunately. It's one of my personal favorites. He was naked and sprawled on the bathroom floor.

It's not just his baby sister that he messes with. He's also always in Ellie's face. Or pulling her hair. Or hitting her. Or taking her stuff. Nothing is sacred or off limits with this guy. He even takes Ellie's makeup and puts it on. It's a little startling to see your little boy in full eye shadow and lipstick. It usually makes Ellie really mad, but there was one time when Ellie and her cousin gave Judd a full makeover. Shocking for me, but the girls really seemed pleased with their work.

This shot is at the end of a long, long day with this guy. He would not go to bed. Later, we discovered this. This is Ellie's bed, by the way.

Overall, the kid is a punk. But he's so darn cute, he just makes me laugh when he does something bad.

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