Sunday, April 11, 2010


Life has been busy. The kids have been busy. Here's a synopsis of our spring thus far:

Starting the garden. I read in the newspaper several weeks ago that it was time to get peas in the ground, so that's what we did last month. The kids helped.

Jake hates this picture, but I think it's so funny. Judd decided to wear his Chef Boyardee rather than eat it. It's quite rare for this kid to decide to not eat something.

I am staunchly anti-camping. I just don't see the point. Why sleep on the ground, outside, in the middle of nowhere, when there's a perfectly good hotel up the street? You outdoor enthusiasts out there, you are seriously not going to move me on this one. It's a conclusion I've drawn after many many years of mistakenly thinking that I actually like sleeping in nature. I became very much at peace with myself when I finally realized that I was experiencing something akin to cognitive dissonance where camping is concerned. I was delighted to find out that the love of my life is also not inclined to camp.
Consequently, we do not own any camping gear. Well, except for that random tent that Jake owns for whatever reason. But it was still in a sealed box until last year when I broke it out so the kids could play in it. This year I'm working on getting emergency supplies and storage and whatnot, and I decided that we probably ought to have a few outdoor things just in case. Hence the sleeping bag. This is the Ross family's first sleeping bag. Kind of pathetic that this is the first time my almost-4-year-old daughter has ever seen a sleeping bag. She was soooo excited. "Mommy what's this? Mommy what do you do with it? Mommy can I go inside it? I can sleep in it? Can I put my head in it?" Obviously, it was a big moment for her, so I had to get a shot.

At the aquarium. We got memberships again this year after foregoing last year. We've actually used them quite a bit so far, though.

Easter. Ellie had been excited about coloring eggs for weeks. She and my brother were the artists this year.
Egg hunting. We did it indoors because the Easter Bunny didn't want to hide eggs in the cold outdoors. Yeah, our Easter Bunny doesn't go camping, either.
Finally, the classic "Judd crying again" photo. Remember Christmas? You'd think he would be excited about finding eggs all over the house. But no. Here are the things you can always count on with this kid: (1) He will try to eat all the candy at once; (2) Jake will take the candy away in an effort to interest Judd in a different activity; (3) Judd will cry and cry until you give the candy back; (4) Jake will repeat this scene with Judd at every holiday that involves candy. Oh, and Judd will NEVER take an interest in the other activity.

Happy Spring everyone!

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