Friday, October 2, 2009


The first time they did this, I laughed and then cleaned it up.
Only a few minutes later, they did this.
This was the last straw for me, when they made almost the exact same mess as the first.

Does anyone want extra kids? I've got two...

On a lighter note, it snowed not too long ago, and I bundled the kids up to run some errands. I was surprised at how excited Judd was to wear new duds and then how happy he was to have his picture taken. I think he might be a little metro. He gets it from his dad.

On a final note, there is one more photo that I am itching to post but Jake has told me that I just absolutely can't. He says it is embarrassing and damaging to our son. I think it's funny and cute. If you want to see it, harrass Jake.

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Jessica said...

Jake, I want to see it.