Thursday, February 5, 2009

Poop Stinks

We didn't go to the park today. It was a gorgeous, warm day. We didn't need jackets. The kids were in t-shirts--no layers. We didn't go to the park.

This time, it wasn't because I was too lazy or too tired to go. This time, it was because of a tantrum. It was a tantrum like none I have ever seen before. It wasn't the magnitude of the tantrum that amazed me, but the subject matter:

"Mommy put the poopoo back in my butt!"

How do you even begin to reason with that? Here's what happened. We were getting ready to leave for the park when Ellie sauntered into the kitchen and announced that she poopooed. I asked here where. She said in her pants.

Ellie and I have a deal. When she is properly potty trained, she gets to have a party at Chuckie Cheese (bad, I know!) with her friends. Today, I informed her that she also has to make a poopoo in the potty in order to get her party.

Apparently, she got super motivated at that point and decided that she needed to make a poopoo in the potty right then and there. She told me to put the poopoo back in her butt so she could put it in the potty herself. I told her I really couldn't do that, especially since I had just flushed it down the toilet.

We didn't go to the park today.

Did I mention that she was having her tantrum sans clothing below the waist? About 3/4 of the way through, she demanded pants--I think it might have gotten a little bit cold and uncomfortable.
Other poop-related issues:
1. Why does one of my kids always poop just as we're heading out the door?
2. Why does Ellie want to look at poop--especially her own, but not limited to her own?
3. I think my son poops out more than he eats. That bothers me a little bit.
4. I have become indifferent to poop at the same time that I have really really come to hate it. In other words, I don't freak out any more when I inadvertently touch the poop, but I still resent it.
5. Jake still holds his breath when he changes the kids' diapers, but not so much when he takes out the trash.


parrish fam said...

I love that there is someone else out there who had poop issues. Don't you just love two year olds. It is amazing the fuss such a little person can make.

Bash's said...

Hi Katie!! I'm laughing pretty hard right now. Funny story. Kids manage to befuddle their parents quite regularly! I've been reading your blog for a while and enjoying myself thoroughly. Tell your mom and Maki hello for me.

Tony and Heather said...

Classic! I made sure to share it with Tony (to remind him that the best is yet to come). Did I mention that Afton now knows how to pull her diaper off? Yeah, she did it as she was protesting going down for a nap in her crib, pooped in the meantime, and rolled around in it for a while before falling asleep. We lucked out because it was during the babysitter's shift....